The Forest Litigation Collaborative (FLC) is a joint undertaking of the Lifescape Project and the Partnership for Policy Integrity (PFPI).

In 2020, US-based NGO Partnership for Policy Integrity teamed up with UK-based NGO the Lifescape Project to create the Forest Litigation Collaborative (FLC). 

The FLC works internationally to protect and restore forest ecosystems through strategic litigation. Much of our current work focuses on fighting the increasing use of forest biomass for “renewable” energy, a trend that is destroying biodiverse and carbon-rich forests around the world. Collaborating with other NGOs and lawyers on a case-by-case basis, we use science and strategic legal action to challenge corporate and government policies that promote burning forest wood for fuel. The FLC has filed legal cases against corporations, countries, and the European Commission, in the UK, Estonia, South Korea, and the EU.

Who we are

Mary S. Booth, PhD.
Director, Partnership for Policy Integrity 
An ecosystem scientist by training, Mary received her doctoral degree in Ecology at Utah State University, focusing on biogeochemistry and plant ecophysiology. She directs PFPI’s work on forests, bioenergy, and climate, and provides data and policy analysis for the FLC.  

Adam Eagle 
CEO, Lifescape Project
Adam is the CEO of the Lifescape Project and an English qualified lawyer whose core expertise focusses on litigation for the protection and restoration of nature. He led the successful legal challenge of the Scottish Government policy against beaver translocations in 2020 and was a co-founder of the Forest Litigation Collaborative alongside Dr. Mary Booth in 2021. Adam provides legal support to the IUCN’s Rewilding Thematic Group, is a co-author of numerous articles and reports relating to the wildlife conservation law and has provided legal guidance on the topic to a host of NGOs over the course of his career. In addition to his legal work, Adam provides strategic guidance and legal oversight to Lifescape’s other nature restoration projects.

Elsie Blackshaw-Crosby
Managing Lawyer, Lifescape Project 
As its Managing Lawyer, Elsie is responsible for all of the Lifescape Project’s legal projects, including the legal aspects of the Forest Litigation Collaborative. She has extensive litigation experience and detailed knowledge of the legal frameworks that both protect and threaten forest ecosystems across the UK and Europe.