Challenging Drax’s Greenwashing, UK

Drax makes profoundly misleading claims about forest and climate benefits of burning trees for energy. We are challenging Drax’s greenwashing under the OECD guidelines for responsible business conduct.

Drax power station. Credit: Andrew Whale

Drax, the UK’s largest wood-burning power plant, is fueled in part by wood pellets manufactured from irreplaceable forests of the US and Canada. Logging and burning forests emits more CO2 than coal and is destroying valuable forest ecosystems. Despite the scientific consensus that burning trees is not climate-friendly, let alone carbon neutral, Drax makes misleading claims that it is reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In October 2021 the FLC joined forces with RSPBBiofuelwatchConservation North and Save Estonia’s Forests to file a complaint against Drax under the OECD guidelines for responsible business conduct. The complaint asks Drax to withdraw its misleading statements and issue a full public explanation of the true carbon and forest impacts of burning trees for energy.

In July 2022, the UK National Contact Point (NCP) for the OECD issued its Initial Assessment of our complaint, confirming that the complaint merits further consideration. We continue to await the NCP’s Final Assessment which will determine whether Drax has breached the OECD guidelines.

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