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July 9, 2024

FLC’s guidance for implementing the RED’s biomass criteria published

Revision of the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive last year meant the EU’s rules for qualifying biomass got a lot more complicated. The FLC’s guide explains the rules and how advocates can ensure they’re maximally effective.
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February 24, 2024

Continuing subsidies for Drax will simply burn money for no gain – FLC’s response to the UK Government consultation

"Transition" subsidies for Drax and other large-scale wood-burning power plants will burn up billions of pounds that should instead be spent on truly low-carbon renewable energy.
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February 18, 2024

The UK’s National Audit Office critique of biomass subsidies missed the key point

Logging and burning forests for fuel increases emissions and degrades forest ecosystems. By focusing exclusively on enforcement of the current biomass criteria, the NAO report failed to assess whether the billions in public support for biomass offer value for money.
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